The Howell Hook * Fireplace Hardware

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This artisan forged hanging bracket is designed to match our braided handle fire tools but will accommodate any of our handle designs. The design is simple to accommodate small places and hang heavy weight. When your hearth doesn't allow room for a floor stand, wall hardware is the next best option for keeping your fire tools at arms reach.

  • The long arm on the top will hang one or several tools and extends out approximately 5 inches. The top arm is braided with a soft suede. *Suede color will vary with availability. Current suede stock is soft beige. 
  • The back brace extends down 6 inches and has an extra hook for another tool or gloves. What ever needs hanging.
  • The finish is a deep brown with protective coat of browns bees wax. 
  • In stock and ready for shipment. 

*Hand forged by Artist blacksmith Walter Howell on Sand Mountain in Alabama. Crafted by skilled hands with pride of workmanship.

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