About Walters Forge

Walters Forge is the Home of skilled craftsman Walter Howell. Walter forges decorative iron hardware that will serve its function for generations. By nature of the process each piece is a unique work of art.
Forged iron sculpture of Crown of Thorns, Rattlesnake and Oak Leaf and Acorns.
With devoted attention to detail, each piece begins in the intense fire of a coke Forge. Then begins the intense labor of hand and hammer skillfully reshaping the iron into heirloom quality hardware and sculptures.
Walter's 1890 Buffalo Forge is used daily to produce custom iron work.
Custom made iron hardware provides you with the opportunity to get something that  will do what you need it to do, in the exact size you need and that is designed with an artist eye. Hardware is always a focal point that draws the eye.
Custom forged iron hardware can be made to look hundreds of years old or finished in our hand applied patinas.
These pieces can be used to enhance the beauty of a room and help to create a flow by using pieces that are similar in style. They are strong and durable and meant to make life a bit more pleasant.   
We work with our customers to create custom architectural hardware that is an asset to their environment and is an investment worth making. Our products can be forged to look hundreds of years old or designed in more contemporary or current styles. Customer needs actually add to the originality of the end design. Your hardware will be unique to your space.
You will find that  subjects of nature adorn many of our designs. Leaves are natures accents and they blend with surroundings no matter where they are. Plants and animals that are native to our home are often found "living" in Walter's Bogs and iron still life works.
We encourage you to spend some time with us. Explore the items we offer for purchase. Visit our blog and learn more about us, Walter's gift and stories we feel inclined to pass along.
Please don't hesitate to contact us with questions or what might seem like an odd request. We are very good at odd requests. We are southern and conversations are most welcome here.