Set of 3 Crusty Iron Finials

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Three vintage iron finials for farm house decor accents or craft projects. We often do repairs on old iron and end up with bits and pieces of decorative items. They are generally rusty and crusty or covered in layers of paint. These pieces have oxidized from natural moisture in the air. I was amazed at how closely the patinas mimic the aging wood on Walters 100 year old forge.

They would be perfect for shelf sitting or in any number of decorating projects. They are heavy so they sit well. I have left them in a state of natural oxidation. Clear satin coating will preserve and seal the current patina. A wire brush will take it back to the original iron surface. If you would like heavier rust spray with vinegar and let them set for a couple of days spraying periodically until they reach the patina you desire.

They are packaged in sets of 3. Each finial is 4 1/2 inches tall and 2 inches wide.

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* Time Keepers Cottage at Walters Forge.