Pigtail Grilling Fork in Textured Iron Vine Design. Brown patina

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Pigtail forks are a unique style of cooking tool that will soon become a favorite when grilling. The pigtail tip pierces the meat aiding in allowing juices to flow through the protein. It easily grabs the meat for quick turning. They are great for steaks and ribs and larger cuts. We first learned of these at a Southern Living BBQ cook off when one of the competitors damaged his fork. He directed Walter through the shaping process and was able to finish the competition and we had a new product for our culinary line. 

This style from Walters Forge is called Iron Vine. The iron round stock is heated and run through a press roller that embosses the initial pattern. During the shaping process the pattern becomes more twisted and reshaped with each heat and beat. The look is very realistic and makes a nice decorative piece just hanging on the kitchen wall or grill.

  • These iron vines forks are 19 inches in length. Plenty long enough to keep your knuckles out of the heat.
  • The finish is a warm brown dye oxide patina. It is a lovely natural earth tone that goes well with any color scheme.
  • Care for your fork by washing with hot water, no soap or abrasives. Dry and wipe the tip with a very light coat of vegetable shortening.

*Hand forged by artisan blacksmith Walter Howell of Walters Forge on Sand Mountain in Alabama. Crafted by skilled hands with pride of workmanship.

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