Pig Tail Grilling Fork*Hand Forged Rail Road Spike

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Pig Tail Roasting Forks are a customer favorite. This unique culinary tool is used by BBQ competitors who tell us that as the pig tail hook pierces the meat it aids in tenderizing by allowing juices to flow through as it cooks. This culinary tool works well with about any cut of meat. Especially ribs and in the south they are often referred to as "Rib Flippers".

These pig tails are forged from authentic railroad spikes that are produced right here in Alabama. Walter stretches the spike to length of 19 inches and turns the pig tails for left or right handed use. The work here is in tapering the spike to this length. They are then cured in the oven in the same manner as a cast iron skillet.

Care is very easy. Wash your fork in hot water, no soap immediately after use. Dry and wipe with a very LIGHT coat of vegetable shortening. Store away from moisture.

These are great gifts for both the Chef and Rail Road enthusiasts.

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*Hand forged by artisan blacksmith Walter Howell on Sand Mountain. Crafted by skilled hands with Pride of workmanship. Handmade in USA.

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