39 inch Large Scroll Handle Fire Pit Poker * Comfort Grip

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Our large Scroll handle fire pokers combine our quality stock and pike design with a handle that easy to grip and use. By gripping the back of the scroll, it changes the angle of your wrist as it works the tool. It feels great in your hand and is user friendly for someone with wrist issues. We sell quite a few of these to ladies who really like the way it feels and works. We offer several sizes. You will find an individual listing for each size.

  • The forged pike is designed to push and pull your logs. They are forged from solid iron stock and meant to be the last one you ever have to buy.
  • The finish is a warm brown patina that is easy to care for. Just polish your poker occasionally with a wax based furniture polish. Bees wax is one of the best protectants for metal. We recommend dry storage when not in use. 

  • 39 inch long large scroll fire poker.

  • Price includes shipping and all applicable charges.

* If you aren't sure what size poker you need, here are a few pointers. You want your poker to reach just over half way across your pit or box. Add to that enough distance to keep your knuckles out of the heat and outside the fire box or fire pit edge. Be sure to consider room for hanging or storage on your hearth.

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*Hand forged by Artist Black Smith Walter Howell on Sand Mountain in north east Alabama. Made by skilled hands with pride of workmanship.

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