Decorative Iron Wall Hook * Leaf and Twist

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 Each leaf and vine wall hook is an original work of artisan hardware that serves a purpose and will long outlast its maker. Every year of use makes it a better investment. Walter hammer sculpts each leaf in a process of fire and hammer that leaves an individual fingerprint on the iron. Just as in nature no two will be exactly alike.

Once you have hardware in the right spot it will help life flow better. You are finally going to know where its at when you need it! A quick glimpse of something that pleases your eye can take the stress level down just a tiny bit. Deep breath and out the door!

The blacksmith wax formula is something that has been passed along from generation to generation with each smith taking the basic ingredients and adding and proportioning them to their own preference. The base is bees wax which is natures preservative for iron. It permeates into the iron and provides a moisture barrier that keeps rust from growing deep into the metal.

  • There are two inset mounting holes that provide more stability and share the burden of weight. We send 2 flathead wood screws with each hook.
  • Care is as easy as occasional wiping with a furniture polish like Pledge or any bees wax based polish.
  • Length: 9 inches, Width: 4 inches, Depth: 3 inches 
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*Hand forged by artisan blacksmith Walter Howell on Sand Mountain. Crafted by skilled hands with pride of workmanship in USA.


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