Heavy Duty Forged Iron Tripod for Campfire and Dutch Oven Cooking

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A forged iron cooking tripod is an investment worth making. Made from solid iron stock in a gauge heavier than most standard cooking sets, this tripod will serve you for many seasons of good eating. Walter tempers the iron for strength and has used input from our customers to come up with a versatile design that is easy to assemble and care for. 

The 4 piece set includes 3 forged iron legs and an adjustable chain and hook. The main leg has a forged loop that hangs over the center of the fire for holding dutch ovens. The adjustable chain and hook system allow your ovens to hang at any height over the fire. The two support legs thread on to the main leg at the top hook and at 45 to 50 inches will stand or spread to the height that best suits your fire pit.

If your cooking needs would be better suited by an H frame set up, you simply drive the two legs into the ground and run the main support leg through the loops at the top of each support leg. We do recommend that you stake your legs off when set up in an H frame. Cast iron cookware is quite heavy and staking will ensure a stable cooking frame.

*Hand forged by artisan blacksmith Walter Howell on Sand Mountain. Crafted by skilled hands with pride of workmanship.


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