Heavy Duty Fire Grates, Hand forged and meant to last. Custom sizes available.

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We found that folks were constantly bringing us fire grates bought from hardware and big box stores that were warped almost beyond recognition. They could not even stand up to one full season of fires. And there was no fixing them. The iron was so thin and cheap that they were burning through. 

Well Walter wouldn't have his name on something like that. He forges our custom made fire grates from one inch thick square solid iron stock. They are designed to roll the logs to the back as they burn, while burning very efficiently to reduce ash and embers. They are extremely heavy. Some of the larger ones have been given names by the owners, like "The Beast". This grate is made to last for many seasons of warmth. If you like to cook over an open flame we can add shelves that swivel and adjust to accommodate your cooking preferences.

Our standard size is 24 inches deep and sold by the inch at $110.00 a foot. This listing is for a 24x24 Inch grate. We do offer custom sizes to accommodate the many different hearths and fire pit styles of today. We forge round and square grates for inside hearths and outdoor pits. When you place an order Walter will contact you to confirm that you get just the right size for your fire box. Contact us for a return call to custom order.

 Please contact us for billing without shipping if you would like to arrange local pick up for a savings of $50 on this grate. Any grate over 70lbs must be shipped motor freight.

*Forged to last for many seasons by artisan black smith Walter Howell on Sand Mountain in north east Alabama. We DO NOT mass produce. Grates are made to order. 

*Price includes shipping and tax.

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