Tree of Memories * Forged Iron Sculpture

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Did you ever see something that just made you stop and say "Whoa!"? The attention to detail and realistic replication of Walter's trees, exemplify the care and passion he puts into his work.

Hand forged iron treehouse and tire swing

  The first tree he forged was created from cherished childhood memories of growing up playing in the pecan orchards of south Georgia. From that original sculpture came commissions for two more that were designed specifically for the clients purposes. One to hang family photos for a cherished memory tree and one to display a collection of crystal eggs. This tree is a larger version of the original with its own set of details and memories.

Tree house door sitting among the iron branches

 In the winter these places that are full of life and imagination lie silent and still, waiting for spring to beckon life back. In the spring they are stages for dramatic stories, places where secrets are told and the deep bonds of friendship are forged. Young hands get their first taste of "making" something and learn of the soul satisfying experience of standing back and surveying the fruit of your hard labor. This tree has the all important treehouse that never seems to get 100% completed and of course a tire swing, where your best deep thinking is done. Nothing will clear your head like hanging upside down and watching the sky go back and forth. The tree sits atop a long discarded plow disc off of a potato cultivator. It translucent colors reveal the marks of the heat on the iron.

Tire Swing and unused boards for treehouse on iron sculpture.

 This hammer sculpted memory tree is dedicated to Walter's Uncle Staff Sgt. Joel Matthews, who was lost along with the crew of the Sky Tramp, a B24 Liberator, on August 25, 1944 over Palau. And to Bent Prop, who is dedicated to finding them and bringing them home. Visit for an amazing journey.

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*Hand forged by artisan blacksmith Walter Howell on Sand Mountain. 

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