"Chillin" Forged Iron Nature Sculpture of Snake on a Willow Limb

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There is a wonderful little stock pond behind the forge that is home to all manner of water fowl and critters. Walter has only to spend a little time out back to see something he can replicate. In the summer low lying willow branches that extend over the water are a favorite place to chill out when the temps in Alabama reach near 100 degrees. This fellow is in a deep summer nap on his favorite limb, tail hanging limp in a contented state. 

The piece is finished with layers of colored bees wax that are hand buffed to a hardened coating that provides both translucent color and protection of the metal from moisture. It has been meticulously shaped by hand and hammer. Walter only produces about 10 or so sculptures each year. There is about 8 hours of heat and hammer in this work in addition to application of wax layers and buffing time of about 2 hours.

  • This hammer sculpted piece stand 10 inches high, 3 inches wide and is 16 inches in length. The perfect size for a table of space that needs something to draw the eye. The unexpected subject matter is sure to catch the attention of visitors. 
  • The Alabama water snake is hammer sculpted from a recycled metal rasp.
  • Care for this hand forged sculpture by polishing with a bees wax based furniture polish.
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Hammer sculpted by artisan black smith Walter Howell on Sand Mountain in Alabama. Forged by skilled hands with pride of workmanship. 

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