Forged Iron Cross * Brushed Silver * Faith Inspired Art

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Big things can come in small surprises. This piece of hand forged iron may be only 4 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches in size but it will catch the eye and impress with craftsmanship. The design is very old and is used to teach multiple techniques in novice forging classes. After the basic shape is forged each smith will detail the piece in their own style and preference.

This cross has a hand brushed finish that resembles the patina of pewter. We coat them in a protective coating of beeswax that is buffed to hard finish that protects the iron from natural moisture in the air. The size is perfect for a side table accent or to keep in your pocket in case you need a little something to hang on to.

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* This is a one of a kind item.

*Hand forged by artisan blacksmith Walter Howell of Walters Forge on Sand Mountain. Crafted by skilled hands with pride of workmanship in the USA, Alabama. 

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