Decorative Iron Wall Hook

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Each of the forged iron hooks that comes from Walters Forge is a unique piece of hardware. Just by nature of the process the details and character marks will leave their own finger print on the iron.The metal also has a say so in the final color as shades will vary in areas that have received the most heat.

This piece has all the colors of fall in flecks of color on a dark green leaf. The hook is a earthy green that blends well in a decor. Maintain this hand applied finish by polishing with a bees wax based furniture polish. 

A very sturdy piece of hardware this hook is 8 inches long 3 1/2 inches wide and has a 3 inch deep fish tail hook that is fabric friendly.

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*Hand forged by artisan blacksmith Walter Howell on Sand Mountain. Crafted by skilled hands with pride of workmanship in the USA.

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