Decorative Iron Fire Tool Set * Artisan Stand

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This beautiful leaf and vine accented Fire Tool Set is worthy of being the focal point of your hearth. The heirloom quality fire poker, hearth broom, ash shovel and fire tongs are hand forged in Alabama from solid iron stock with thoughtful design elements in each tool.  Our fire pokers are tempered for added strength and forged to push and pull logs. The hearth brooms heads screw on and off for easy replacement when worn. We make our own shovel pans from thicker plate than most and Walter hand rivets each pan to the user friendly handle. Our fire tongs take a full day at the forge to produce. The double hinged design provides extra grip with out having to squeeze the logs as you move them. They are forged from solid iron stock and hand riveted. The tips are shaped to grab and hold. The handles are braided with a soft suede that make them very comfortable in your hand. These tools will provide you with many seasons of use for generations to come. 
The hearth stand is a work of art. The graceful arch of the top hanging hooks and feet give graceful lines that are the support for the forged leaves and vines that "grow" around the stand. The top hooks feature a fish tail end. The arched feet provide a stable base for the stand and will sit well even on uneven surfaces. The hooks and feet are bound by hand forged collars. Walter then creates long vines with hammer sculpted leaves that twine and grow around the stand. Each leaf is individually forged and detailed to closely replicate natures designs.
Forged collars that bound the legs and hooks are made by wrapping red hot steel around the piece and forge welding the band together
The stand is finished in our traditional brown patina that blends into shades of green. The leaves are finished in a lovely moss green translucent finish that allows the character marks of the process to show through. The leaf and vine motif is a standard at the forge but no two sets have ever been exactly alike. Each set is an original work and stamped with Walters makers mark and dated.
The stand is approximately 40 inches tall. The top is 16 inches at the widest point. The feet span about 19 inches deep and wide. The fire tools are approximately 36 inches in length. 
*This custom set comes carefully packed in a wooden crate and ships motor freight. *Price includes shipping charges and applicable taxes. Price can be reduced by $200.00 if you can pick your set up here at the forge.
*Hand forged by artist blacksmith Walter Howell of Walters Forge in North East Alabama.
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