"Cahaba Lily", Hammer sculpted botanical iron still life

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    This lovely flower is a Cahaba Lily, a special treasure of the Cahaba River in South Alabama. They are found in only a few places in Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina. Each of these places is blessed with the perfect conditions for these wonderful river plants to flourish. Their natural color is a pure white with bright summer green foliage. Hundreds of folks make the pilgrimage each year to see and photograph the pearls of Alabama Flora.

    This hand forged iron rendition mirrors a single bloom and a neighboring plant that has yet to send its bloom upward. The base has been finished in colors that reflect the river water of the Cahaba. 

    The finished size is approximately 18 inches tall, 15 inches deep and wide. The bottom has felt sliders to prevent damage to fine furniture. Its size and subject matter would make a lovely addition to a home or office that needs a touch of nature indoors.

    Price includes shipping and applicable charges. Sculptures are carefully packaged and insured. Returns are accepted under our guidelines. I have tried to show the piece in natural and indoor lighting. Iron will change in hue as it reflects the colors around it and shadows change dramatically with the angle of a light source. We feel these attributes add to the enjoyment of a dimensional piece of art.

    Each year Walter produces a limited number of nature still life sculptures for competitions and for purchase. This Lily is one of two that were included in the 2016 series. The other is in a private collection. 

Hammer sculpted by artisan black smith Walter Howell on Sand Mountain at Walters Forge in Alabama.

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