30" Quality Fire Poker * Best Seller!

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This is our top selling Fire Tool. The handle is braided with a soft suede material that feels very comfortable in your hand. Forged from strong solid iron stock, the pike, or business end of the poker is designed to push and pull your logs. The end is drawn and hammered back into itself. This process strengthens the iron. It is then slowly lowered while cherry red hot into a tub of cool water. This process is known as quenching. All of the processes work together to make tools that are of heirloom quality. 

  •  If you aren't sure what size poker you need, here are a few pointers. You want your poker to reach at least half way across your pit or box. Add to that enough distance to keep your knuckles out of the heat and outside the fire box or fire pit edge. Be sure to consider room for hanging or storage on your hearth.
  • 30 inch solid iron fire poker with a traditional twist in the barrel.
  • Finish is a warm brown with protective coatings of brown bees wax.
  • Maintain your iron work by polishing occasionally with a bees wax based furniture polish.
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    *Hand forged by artisan blacksmith Walter Howell on Sand Mountain in Alabama. Crafted by skilled hands with pride of workmanship.
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