Cooking needs are different for each person.

 Most of what we provide comes from customers who say "Boy, I wish I had one of these that was......" Well we specialize in, "Hey we can do that for you". Let us know what you want. Outdoor grilling is always more enjoyable with good tools and equipment. Walters Forge has a line of pig tailed and tined roasting forks that will serve you well. There are different styles and handles to choose from. Hand forged on Sand Mountain to last for many seasons of good eating.

Our tripods are heavy duty and versatile.

Use as a tri-frame or H frame to suit your cooking needs. An adjustable chain hook gives you control of your pot to heat distance. We also forge custom grates suited to your style of cooking. Swinging cooking platforms that raise and lower will be appreciated by any back yard chef. Grilling styles and needs have become very specialized. Everybody has their druthers as we say here in the south. It all begins with a phone call so we can listen to what you wish you could find. Then we set about to fill that wish and make sure you get exactly what you want.

Branding irons are made to order.

We will be glad to work with you on a design and size that suits your needs, Some are forged to be decorative elements while others are used to mark furniture or equipment. Favorites are those made to honor special moments with designs that are very unique and personal. 

Enjoy your time here and Don't hesitate to ask us a question. Conversations are free of charge!