Scroll or spike handle Forks
Our pigtail forks come in a variety of handle styles. Walter uses railroad spikes as the base for the Steer head and
the other animals he creates. You can also get them with the original spike head left as is. The Scroll handles come
plain and textured. Check the Gallery page for available inventory or custom order your personal preference.
A most unique and handy utensil.  A hammer sculpted
steer head on its handle makes this is a wonderful gift
item appropriate for personal or business gifts for the
avid chef. Forks average around 16 to 17 inches in
length. We recommend wiping with a light coat of
shortening after each use. Sold out. We won't have
anymore till after the first of the year. We can provide
a gift certificate. Email us with your request.
$60.00 free shipping
(specify right or left handed)
Pig Tail Forks
Outdoor Cooking
Fire Pit grates can be custom made to your specs. This
height adjustable grate is $350.00. Built for durability.
48" wide
A  rotisserie unit that can be extended to either the side
or at a 90 degree angle from the grill is $100.00.
Contact us for more details and information.
Call us at (256) 254-8469
E-mail us at
Write us at 886 Lee Chapel Rd. Henagar, Al. 35978

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Walter's   Forge
Fire Cranes can be customized to meet size
and use requirements.
E mail us for more information
Hand Forged Steer Head Pig Tail Roasting Fork
Walter can forge most any
design as a custom
Branding Iron. We have
styles that suit both
decorative and functional
irons. Send us an e-mail
with your design specs and
we will be glad to quote a
Our standard Roasting Fork is 30" and comes with a
Scroll Handle. Season with shortening just as you
would a cast iron skillet.
Single Fork - $40.00
Set of 4 Roasting Forks - $120.00