Walter's   Forge
    Welcome to the Blacksmith Shop of Walter Howell.
    2014 Award of Excellence, Alabama Wildlife Flora and Fauna Fine Art Show

    We provide a variety of products and services that include decorative and functional hardware for home
    and business. Walter forges custom strapping for exposed beams and has a quality line of fireplace tools
    and hardware for the hearth and fire pits. He forges commissioned sculptures with a particular passion
    for trees and plants. Walter also offers workshops and private classes for those who are interested in
    learning. And we have coke, coal and forges for sell.  Information is available throughout our site.
    Please call or e-mail us for with questions or come by and see Walter at his shop in Henagar, Alabama.
    We are proud to let everyone know that Walter's work is now available for purchase at The English
    Table on Cecil Ashburn Dr. in Huntsville. The English Table provides for its customers a wonderful
    selection of fine linens, china and a wonderful Gallery of Culinary needs and Artisan made products. We
    encourage you to go by and see them and keep them in mind when shopping for special gifts.
    We are also very excited that Matt Fischer of Picture This Gallery in Nashville is including Walters work
    along with other talented artist at his Gallery at the Hermitage. This is a beautiful, historic venue and we
    are honored that we have been invited to be a part of Matt's efforts to grow the arts in the Nashville area.
    In Mentone, the forge work can be found at The Graceful Giraffe, a small unique shop with a lot of
    We also have an Etsy Store that has some ironwork and treasures from the past. Replacing disposable
    with sustainable is an investment worth making. Go to and search for Walters Forge under
Call us at (256) 254-8469
E-mail us at
Walter's Forge, Henagar, Alabama
    Walter's love of the craft has taken us places and introduced us to people that have become true
    blessings in our lives. There is something about handwork that satisfies the soul. That feeling
    is reflected in the quality and care taken with each piece. We feel that the purchase of an iron
    piece is an investment in the future. The durability of iron means a lifetime of use and
    enjoyment. Walter works hard to ensure that every piece of ironwork that leaves his shop is of
    heirloom quality.

    We found out quickly that there was a lot of interest out there for a variety of reasons. For
    some people it is the craft itself. For others it is the treasury of memories brought about by the
    smell of the smoke and the sounds of the blower and the anvil. Walter has opened his shop to
    these people and welcomed them to come and spend some time watching and learning. We
    have groups of school children who come, which is great fun for us.

    We invite you to come and visit us at our "new" forge located here on our property. Purchased
    from James and Company in Lebanon, Alabama, the reconstructed timber frame structure is
    over 100 years old. It is impressive and is the fulfilment of yet another dream along this path
    that his gift of blacksmithing has given us. Check the schedule page for dates and times.  We
    can design and make your piece just the size you need. And you have the rare opportunity to
    get something that is exactly what you want, does exactly what you need it to and have a part
    in the design of the piece. In the end you have a truly original piece of work that represents a
    spirit of American Craftsmanship that is in danger of being lost to faster, quicker and cheaper.
    Along The way Walter has had some accomplishments that we are proud of.
    **studied under Master Blacksmith Susan Madasi -  2006
    **award of excellence - Hamilton Co. 2005
    **award winner - art on the lake, fine arts exhibit - 2008
    **award winner - new salem arts festival - 2008
    **demonstrating blacksmith for the Big Wills arts council and the Scottsboro Heritage Foundation
    **featured artists in the November 2008 edition of the Tidewater Blacksmiths Guild Magazine
    **demonstrating artist at the Jacksonville State Little River Canyon Center
    **featured artist in the June issue of The Look Out View Magazine
    **featured artist in the December issue of "Connected" magazine
    **Fall 2010 Walter was included in the book "American Blacksmiths" along with 50 others.
    **Walter participated in a feature film for The Little River Canyon Center, funded by NASA, and was over a year in the making. The production can be
    seen daily on the state of the art, HD facility at the Canyon Center.
    **Fall of 2011 Walter began working with Narrowgate Foundation. Their outstanding character and leadership in Christ program uses forging, leather
    work and wood working as tools to help young men gain confidence and understanding.   
    ** Summer of 2012 featured on an episode of Best of America by Horseback with Tom Seay at Crow  Mountain Guest Ranch in Slip Off Hollow,
    Alabama on RFD tv.
    **Best In Show Runner Up at The Fall Fest at the Hermitage in Nashville in October of 2013.
    **Award of Excellence 2014 Alabama Wildlife Federation Flora and Fauna Fine Art Show, ranking him 5th among 52 very talented artists.